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The ORTO center ( Oshadhi Research and Training Organisation) is surrounded by aromatic and medicinale plants such as lavender, sage and broom.
The landscape garden of about 150 acres in the vicinity of Aurel.Two buildings built in the typicalstyle of Provence, with anauthentic well, inner court and fire place, and 25 charmingly furnished guest rooms (withbathroom and shower) offer enough space for a wide variety of seminars and conferences.

Our exquisite “cuisine à la provençale”, which also specializes in a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, contributes to thewelfare of mind and body of our guests.

Introductions to the local medicinal plants, seminars on phyto-aromatherapy and naturopathy with international experts as well as excursions and workshops are an integral part of our program.

History and mission
Fifteen years ago, already, courses in aromatherapy and spiritual as well as  personal development were given at ORTO, in the heart of beautiful Provence. Numerous participants keep a fond memory of the enchanting landscapes and the depth of the teachings. In May 2010 Dr.Hozzel, a worldwide known aromatolog and connoisseur of plants, gave, together with Lydia Bosson, author and director of the Usha Veda school, a one week seminar  to an group of ayurvedic doctors  from all over the world.
Today, we have the pleasure to invite you to two exceptional we have the pleasure to invite you to two exceptional seminars given in this magical place. Do you want to spend original holidays in Provence by enhancing your knowledge? Are you interested in plants and aromatherapy ? Are you searching for a place to recharge your batteries, a place to experiment health and joy ? So don't miss these two wonderfull oppotunities.
The area
Amongst blue lavender fields and slender cypresses, about 1 hour by car east of Avignon on the high plateau of Vaucluse lies Aurel,a picturesque little village, typical of southern France.Sunny landscapes delight theeye with lovely slopes wheregorse, almond and cherry treesblossom in spring. For centuries,the crystal clear sky has enchanted artists from ail over theworld, and astronomers claim itsstars sparkle more clearly thananywhere else in Europe.
We arein the High Provence in thePays de Sault,not far fromMont Ventoux,the majestic kingmountain of this area. Lookingsouth, the blue silhouette of the Luberonappears in the distance.At night, if theMistraldoesnot blow and the crickets keep silent, you hear the silence of the horizon. In the evening,Aurel,with its barely 150 souls and itsdreamy narrow lanes around themedieval castle, bathed in thegolden light of the setting sun,is absorbed in memories of aprimordial harmony betweenman and nature. No wonder UNESCO has declared this area,coloured by so much „soul" andarchetypical beauty, a natural monument of mankind.