Week of Joy

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Week of Joy

Saturday 9 august until Saturday 16 august 2014

7 days out of this world to rechrage your batteries. Enjoy the sun and lavender blossoms in the heart of Provence.

This trip invites people who want to evolve, grow, learn with tools that support the meeting itself and open the heart to the love and joy.

At the appointment, of course, essential oils and new experiences with the soul of plants, exercises, meditations, dances and insights with plants and essential oils. You will explore and experiment new aspects of this precious gift that nature gave us through essential oils and their distillation.

Enjoy an extraordinary experience, go home full of vitality and with renewed energy and released from certain programs, processed and ready to tackle life with a new vision. If you are passionate about the evolution of being, by plants and essential oils, by the need to help bring more happiness and well-being around you, then join us!

Some agenda items:


  •     Distillation of essential oils
  •     Visit the mythical places of the region
  •     Experimentation of movement and joy
  •     Meditations with essential oils
  •     New experiences with the soul of plants

Moments of free time are also provided to enable participants to let go according to their desires (nap, lazing by the pool, walks in nature, visits to nearby villages, etc..)

Speakers & Lecturers: Lydia Bosson & Philippe Bosson & Dr Malte Hozzel

Information - Details and Registration CLICK HERE